about matcha CHA-EN


about matcha CHA-EN


About Matcha CHA-EN 

 The one which ground a special tea-leaf "Ten-cha" into powder defines with Matcha.

A tea-leaf of Matcha exclusive use "Ten-cha"  is to cover a tea plantation and interrupt sunlight, and without making them photosynthesize deliberately, cultivation method which makes a tea-leaf condense a nutrient composition from earth is used.

 The period when I cover can harvest a tea-leaf of good Matcha only once a year for more than 20 days. It's possible to take an effective ingredient of many tea-leafs in the interior of the body by this.

"Ten" is the meaning of the stone hand mill. Because it's the tea to shatter by a stone hand mill, it's called "Ten-cha (Ten tea)".

Japanese tea plant

A Japanese Tea plant is an evergreen of the camellia family camellia genus (scientific name : Camellia sinensis).

   A Tea plant's leaf is used in green tea, powdered green tea (Matcha), black tea, oolong tea, roasted tea and green tea of the highest quality. It changes into various tea by cultivation method of a tea-leaf and a way of processing, so you can enjoy various tea.

  Since a sprout is harvested for green tea, Caffeine and a catechin and amino acid (theanine) etc. are included richly. It's used for Japanese as a healthy drink.