with Yame Matcha

The Matcha produced in Yame-City, Fukuoka in an island in the Japanese lower left "Kyushu".
 History of "Uji Matcha" is recognized as the Matcha brand again in the old days in Japan. The history is still shallow for "Yame Matcha" to the "Uji Matcha".
 "Yame Matcha" is still new brand Matcha in the world of Japanese tea with these about 30 years.
 We want many people to know a new tea plantation and the world of the "Yame Matcha", we made start in the new environment by all means.
 We'll propose goods of new Matcha.

Benefit of Matcha


Overweight prevention of Matcha

To have the effect which makes body fat burn efficiently, the brown catechin included in Matcha is effective in prevention of overweight and a diet.

The aging preventive effect of Matcha

A brown catechin connects with a stain on skin, wrinkles and prevention of slack because scavenging of the oxygen radical which leads to the cause of aging is high.

The relaxation effect of Matcha

The theanine content in the Matcha eases feeling much in particular and has the relaxation effect.

Recognition shou prevention of Matcha

I make caffeine activate the workings of the cerebrum, and it's said that they have the effect which prevents recognition shou.

The clear skin effect of the Matcha

The vitamin C included in Matcha cooperates with a catechin and restrains melanin pigment, and it's said that they have the effect on clear skin formation.

Cavity prevention of Matcha

It's said that the fluoric compound in the Matcha has the deodorant effect in the mouth on cavity prevention.



Nutritional list of ingredients

The quantity Per 100 g.

Calorie   324 (kcal) .
Fat  5 g
Saturated fatty acid  0.7 g.
Polyvalent unsaturated fatty acid  2.2 g
One price unsaturated fatty acid  0.3 g
Cholesterol  0 mg.
Sodium  6 mg.
A potassium  2,700 mg.
Carbohydrates  39 g.
Water solubility, a dietary fiber  7 g.
Insoluble dietary fiber  32 g
Protein  31 g.
Vitamin C  60 mg.
Calcium  420 mg.
Iron  17 mg.
Vitamin D  0  µ g.
Vitamin B6  1 mg.
Vitamin B12  0  µ  g.
Magnesium  230 mg.